The Economic Advantages Of Green Roofs


The economic benefits of green roofs can include the possibility of reducing the quantity of necessary equipment, standard insulation equipment, use of cooling systems, the ability to reduce or even eliminate the roof drainage (drainage pipes, drains, gutters), possibility to regulate all requirements for rainwater and other precipitation management.

The mentioned advantages of green roofs can be explained by the fact that vegetation absorbs a large amount of precipitation water that it uses for its growth and development while reducing the need for roof drainage. On the other hand, the plant’s transpiration and evapotranspiration process play a role in reducing air temperature and reducing the use of standard insulation equipment, refrigeration and heating systems.

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If there is widespread use of green roofs, expansion of companies, professional highly qualified and qualified profiles specialized for the production of elements for the formation of such roofs could be achieved: roof membranes, irrigation systems, substrates, plants, water purification systems, temperature and humidity control... This would also include many professionals: designers, architects, and architects of landscape architecture, whose specialization in this field would be of great importance during construction and adaptation.

All this would lead to the creation of new jobs for lower-skilled workers, to the launching of the supporting industry and education systems, and to the general increase in environmental awareness and culture that would extend to other fields of human activity.

Saving the community

Greening the roofs can help save the whole community by reducing the need for health services. Green areas reduce harmful substances that adversely affect the ozone layer, and directly to human health (especially respiratory organs). They positively influence the increase in creativity and labor productivity thanks to the possibility of a passive experience of nature and vegetation.

An analysis of the relationship between invested funds and profit is one of the possible ways to properly explain the positive effect of greening the roofing surfaces on the economy of a region.


The aesthetic function is a sufficient reason for the formation of a green roof because as an effect of the beautification of the city landscape, it significantly affects the quality of life in urban conditions. Greened roof surfaces positively affect the satisfaction of the erotic needs of people who are employed in facilities that look at the green roofs of buildings. Research shows that people who worked in rooms with plants or with a view of the green surface have a 12% higher productivity than those who did the same job in premises without any contact with plants.

This approach to the use of plants in the workplace also has a preventative effect because the onset of illness in employees can be due to stress and mental fatigue, rather than the consequence of unhealthy work environment conditions.


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