How to make your roof energy-efficient?

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In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of debate about energy-efficient materials and why should we switch to them. Besides apparent reason, electricity bills, you will feel more comfortable knowing that in some way you are saving our planet. So, follow these steps, if you want your roof to be a little greener.

Use energy efficient materials

If your roof is ready for replacement, then you should think about energy efficient roofing material, instead of going for traditional ones. For example, metal and tile roofs are better than asphalt ones, but they aren’t common in use. In this case, don’t make a reckless decision, talk to a roofing professional about which style is best for your home and climate. Just make sure he knows you are looking to install an energy efficient roof and you won’t have problems.

Add a cooling coating

Cool roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight instead of absorbing it like traditional ones. Can you imagine your home wearing a white instead of black one on a hot summer day? Well, that’s the case with cooling roofing system, the less heat is absorbed, the colder your house is. This will decrease the use of air-conditioning devices, and you won’t have to replace your entire roof to experience the benefits of this energy efficient style. The cooling coatings can be added to the majority of roofing materials, so you just need to hire a professional who will apply the coat.

new roof design saves energy

Insulate the attic

If your attic doesn’t have proper insulation, then you will sense the significant difference in your energy costs throughout the seasons. Hot and cold air can quickly get through your roof if your attic isn’t insulated. Depending on how comfortable you are with home improvement project, you might be able to finish this project without hiring a professional.


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