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Welcome, everyone.

Maybe you are looking for new innovative ways or the latest information regarding home improvement? Or you either want or need to upgrade your roof? Maybe you have seen the new solutions on green roofing, and you got yourself interested in all the environmental and cost-effective questions? Or you want to upgrade your windows, floor, and other parts of your rooms, but are not interested in spending too much money?

My name is Michael Woodcock, my profession and passions are Home improvements and roof technologies. I have a degree in Engineering, a company in this niche for the quarter of a century, and a beautiful family by my side.


The reason I started this blog is that I saw a need for precise, true, and updated information in public. There are a lot of things regarding home improvement that people are not aware of, and there are a lot of „professionals“ that are not very good at their jobs, or at least their knowledge is a little bit outdated.

So, this blog is and will be a place where all the professional information will be, and it will be presented in a way that anyone can understand. Our homes are the most important place where we spend our time and establish a family, and like all of the things, from time to time our home needs a little bit of an upgrade. So I give you all of my professional knowledge and advice.